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Minutes – March 27, 2011

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MEETING MINUTES (March 27, 2011)
VENUE (Rock Creek restaurant)

Present: Reg Hodsman, Drew Brady, Mark Stewart, Allan Fong, Butch Gullacher, Mary McCollam, Scott Yasinski.

1.0 Call to order (Reg. Hodsman): 14:03

2.0 Adoption of minutes (February , 2011): Scott/Mark.

Treasurer’s report
Balance at present – $XXXXX.XX

Business arising from the minutes:
1.) Hope’s Home: Several members were in attendance at a recent fundraiser night for Hope’s Home, where a cheque was presented for $1200.

2.) Club Jackets: There are four jackets remaining. (1-small, 1-medium, 2-extra large)

3.) Invoices: Discussion regarding invoices for Audi dealership and Thunder City. Scott will bring invoice to Thunder City.

4.) Driver Training:
-Corvette Club Driver Training – July 10th – Cost to be announced.
-Track membership fees: We are splitting fees with the Corvette Club once again. Reg will drop off cheque to Garth Hubick for this year’s fees.
-Track session costs: $30 per session for members, $40 for non-members.
-Insurance: It was decided that we would source our insurance through Three Flags.
-Dates: May 21st, June 25th, July 16th, July 23rd, August 13th.
-Euro Show track days: Short discussion regarding same.
-Dilawri promotion at Driver Training – Reg has discussed this with Andy Kistner – they would like to have some degree of exposure/promotion at the Driver Education sessions. ?Would Dilawri perhaps cover cost of the session?
-RCMP track sessions: Some question as to whether we might have access to the RCMP driving facility. Scott will follow up.

5.) Sponsor logos on auto-emails: This will be followed up.

6.) Site spamming: The website has been altered, such that new members will require approval from administrators, prior to being allowed to becoming active on the website.

7.) Sponsorship: New sponsorship: Drew and Scott have spoken with the Porsche dealership in Saskatoon, who have expressed interest – they have spoken with the general manager, and suggested perhaps $150 per car for entry into the Euro Show.
Discussion held regarding perhaps requesting that dealers have a representative in attendance with their cars, to address queries, while at the Euro Show.

8.) Calendars: Scott has contacted a model friend, who would be interested in doing a calendar. As we likely lack sufficient member cars for a full calendar, perhaps we need to open it up to marques besides BMW? To do a 15-month calendar. Scott has approached Western Litho, who would charge $4 per calendar, if we order 500 of them. We need a committee for creation of calendar. All in agreement to proceed with the calendar. For the present, Scott, Drew, and Allan will be the calendar committee. We will aim to have the calendar completed in time for the Euro Show.

New Business:

There was no new business.

Provision for next meeting:
April 24, 2011.

7.0 Adjournment: 14:35